Winter and Resolution

I was watching TV the other night. It was cold out, and I was watching one of my favorite shows, Fixer Upper. I got up for tea and heard “Feed Your Resolution”. What?  I went back to the TV and rewound and listened again. Can’t remember the commercial that said it, but it hit me like a pile of bricks. I’m not a New Year’s resolution gal anymore. I couldn’t keep them, but . . .what am I feeding? And what is my resolve?

This time of year, I flail a bit. I don’t have the regular Spring-Summer-Fall schedule that sets my usual course, those of a person who works with Nature & plants. Of course when I’m tired in those other seasons, I say to myself, “can’t wait until Winter when I can lay on the couch and read and watch good movies!”

The thing is, we are creatures of habit. We can’t wait for Summer and Play, and we can’t wait until school starts and we can get after it, beginning new routines and thinking clearly again in the Fall, with it’s fresh crisp air.

We need to stop and go. We need to celebrate each other and feel the generosity and love of this season. And we need to stop when we are sick, and let ourselves be cared for. We need to have time off, and we love getting back to rhythym.

Rhythym feeds us.  It connects us to something deeper.

In my Plant Spirit Medicine practice, I work in the knowledge that the rhythym of the Seasons guides the energy of our Being. We are truly inWinter now, the time for rest and rejuvenation. It IS the time to lay on the couch and read a book, or watch a good movie. It’s the time to go to bed earlier and make best use of the extra hours of darkness. Did you know that some organs function best and at their utmost efficiency when you are asleep? We feed our being, our health and best selves in our sleep.

It’s also a really nice time to pay attention to Wind-or to take a brisk snowshoe IN the wind!  Winter feeds the Spring, the ‘up and out’ energy coming next, that is needed to push through obstacles .

So how do I “feed my resolution”? First, I have to know my resolve. I chose hope and expansiveness, even when I don’t have it- by meditating, by celebrating, by resting, by luxuriating in an extra long coffee break, by getting a Plant Spirit Medicine treatment for myself, by looking at seed catalogs, by going ice skating and sledding, by lighting more candles this time of year.

I just watched a Gospel singer, Kirk Franklin, on You tube. I was looking for something else and he came up in a New Yorker post on ‘up and coming stars’ to watch. So I did. Check it out. Kirk Franklin, the song “I Smile”. No matter who your God is, this video’s got something right. Make room for Magic and Miracles. Make room to ‘build’ your resolve, to widen it, and deepen it, to feed it, and to grow it over time.

Think about who you want to be. Who is your best self?   And how do you feed it? For the long haul.

Happy New Year.

I’m wishing you the best.  And  hope I see you soon.



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