IMG_2910I’m glad that you’ve found your way here.

Perhaps you came here to learn something about Plant Spirit Medicine, Energy Clearing or Herbalism. Or maybe your commitment to your own or your family’s heath and well-being led you to these pages. You may have particular health-related needs and are seeking support or relief.  So, welcome.

I am a practitioner and advocate in service to the kind of community and care that we’ve sometimes forgotten to give to each other. A slow thoughtful approach, with careful listening and decent follow up mark my practice.  I look forward to meeting you, working with you, and watching you move to full and whole health.


A Word About Plant Spirit Medicine, Energy Clearing and Herbalism

Plants have been calling me for some 30 years. I left college with a degree in Microbiology but by unforeseen circumstance, with a husband and baby, ended up becoming a farmer. I became so inextricably linked to the land that I just couldn’t see myself not working in and with Nature. Having children and working the land led me to finding natural remedies for colds, flus and boo-boos! This path is like going out for coffee with a friend and the next step. . .holding hands! It was relationship-deepening with the plants. Plant Spirit Medicine was a natural next step in a trajectory I hardly realized I was on. My relationship with plants is deep and sweet, challenging and profound in its ability to cross a bridge and reach people where they’re at.

I came to Energy Clearing by way of a friend who noticed that I like to listen below the words. Energy Clearing is a form of Psychic Reading that clears away the stress that tethers us, ties us up. It’s relaxing and holds the potential for new spaciousness and fulfillment for people.

Poke around these pages and you’ll learn a little more about each area of Medicine I offer. And I’ll enjoy hearing from you sometime~


Clare Pearson


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