Wilder Brook Botanicals

Hand-made Artisanal Remedies that help you feel Beautiful while helping you feel Better

On my home page, I mentioned being ‘enticed’ down a path with plants, starting with Farming, and moving toward Herbal Medicine as I raised children.  I realized then that plants had something beautiful and whole to offer as medicine.

I have spent my work as an Herbalist primarily focusing on the most basic health dilemmas that we face-Cold, Flus, and First Aid.  This is where my passion lies in Herbal Medicine.  Did you know that there are plant allies right in your back yard?  Do you know that Coltsfoot (growing along dirt roads and stream beds here in W. Mass) is great for that bothersome cough that you can’t get rid of?  Or that Shepard’s Purse stops bleeding?  Or that Plantain leaf takes stops the pain of a bee sting?

I offer Cold/Flu & First aid workshops several times per year in my area because I believe that this information is important and needs to be accessible to everyone.  So much of our daily small ills can be sorted out and helped with minimal effort and this wee bit of knowledge.

I love it when an elderly neighbor calls for some help with a cold, . . .or a young mom calls with the same question as my elder neighbor, but it’s about her baby who’s never had a cold before.  This is my community.  They are awesome, and we all have something to offer each other!

Wilder Brook Botanicals started out as The Garden Healers in 1990, but over years, and a change of location, it became clear that the business needed a new name.  Wilder Brook Botanicals was born in 2002 and thrives in Charlemont, Mass.  Based at Wilder Brook Farm, roughy 90% of our source plants are grown here and grown organically.  Plants are harvested in their right time, in their perfect weather conditions, and immediately made into product or base, using time-honored methods, right here on site.

Providing remedies that are local and clean- and made with joy, love and respect for Nature and her gifts, Wilder Brook Botanicals are available through my Online Store, by stopping by my office in Buckland, MA, or by phone at (413)896-9461.

Hope to hear from you soon!