Energy Work

Who are you carrying in your Energy Field?

Energy Clearing is away of thinking about your body that includes but goes beyond diet,  genetics, your environment.  Physicists say that they haven’t reached the end of the trail of discovery of atoms, sub-atomic particles, quarks, . . .what they acknowledge is that we are all made of energy.  And it’s in motion.  What do you do with yours?

Have you ever felt like Gulliver-tied down by a million tiny threads, any one of which you could ‘flick’ off with a finger, but when accumulated from stress, running too hard without a break, abuse, or unrelenting emotion-make you feel like you can’t move forward in your life?  Can’t get healthy, or can’t make a decision to leave a terrible job or difficult relationship?  Can’t see clearly?  Energy Clearing gives you the space to see clearly, to rest, to make decisions, to move forward in your life.

In Energy Clearing, those tiny threads are called cords.  Imagine a telephone cord stretching between you and another person, or you and your pet.  Or maybe you and your family, or you and your workplace.  These cords are energetic attachments caused by strong emotion.  My job is to remove them so that you have a new deep breath, a spaciousness, an ability to see more clearly your needs and your own direction.

Through psychic reading and in the Chakra system, I take a look at the cords and release them.  I read lifetime patterns/dynamics that either help you, or keep you from reaching your highest potential.  After an initial conversation , you’ll have a half-hour rest on my table while I clear cords and take notes.  If I see something stuck, or a pattern that you might find yourself defaulting to, after clearing it, I’ll make a note of it for you so that you can have it in your awareness as you move forward.  Often times, people have guardian animals traveling with them.   They often show up in Clearings, and I make note of that.

We want to fix things in our lives.  We want to make things right and feel whole.  Energy Clearing moves things out of the way so that you can see forward for yourself.  Maybe you’ll see your wholeness, your inner wisdom, your joy, and/or the fulfillment of your own infinite possibility?  Fully you.

Possibilities Class

Twice per year, I offer classes in the skill of clearing your Chakras, and ‘running your energy’ (a form of meditation).  Running your energy brings your awareness to present time.  This allows you to move energy around you, move unwanted energy out of your path, and learn how to ground and shield so that you can help your spirit stay more fully present in your body.  I consider these skills to be some of the most important ones you could have at this time in the world.  With the landscapes of politics, climate, social unrest and inequity, this is an important time to be the most solid, present person you can be.  Whether it’s at work or play, with family or doing volunteer work you really care about, the people who take this class feel more in charge of their lives.  They have the tools to work for the life they want-and to be solid in the world, to be grounded in who they are.

Are you ready?

Classes run March through June, and August through November.  Please contact me at or at (413)625-6295 for further information.