Plant Spirit Medicine

There is a plant that wants to help you.

Plant Spirit Medicine is a profoundly effective and beautiful approach to healing the whole person – mind, body and spirit. The approach combines Chinese 5 Element theory with the gently healing spirits of plants. While clients are often drawn to treatment for symptomatic relief, the goal of treatment is to bring you into wellness by helping you move into internal balance and harmony. Because genuine healing comes from a deep inner health and wellness, clients experience relief on all levels, including physical.

What happens in a Plant Spirit Medicine Treatment?

You might come to my practice experiencing anxiety, hives and a persistent belly ache. I will work with you to understand the history of these symptoms and how you feel about them. Because these symptoms happen in the context of your whole life, I will also want to understand what makes you tick, what gives you life or feels challenging, and what your weaknesses and strengths are.

I’ll look at this picture from the perspective of the Natural Cycle of the Seasons, and when I have what I feel is a good understanding of who you are, I will call in a plant that wants to work with you. A Plant Spirit Medicine treatment is a graceful, yet powerful re-balancing of systems.

The session begins in a seated conversation and then moves to my treatment table, where I take your pulses looking for balance between your organs. Due to stress, genetics, environment, diet and exercise, most people’s pulses usually need a little tuning up. The plants are essential in helping this happen.  I know the treatment is done when your pulses are in good, balanced order. Clients find this experience non-invasive and relaxing, often falling asleep during the treatment.

Healing, after all, is natural-like a plant’s growth, really.  We sow, water, weed, nurture, prune, feed, blossom and bear fruit.

I’ve been a Plant Spirit Medicine healer for 20 years.  This practice, and the gifts the plants have to offer us, continues to amaze and feed both my clients and myself.

An initial course of treatments runs 8-10 weekly sessions and, over time, people report feeling better within themselves and changes of initial symptoms. They also report feeling stronger, clearer and more capable of discerning next steps for better self-care and overall health.

To schedule treatments, contact me at or by phone at (413)896-9461.  To learn more, I recommend the book Plant Spirit Medicine by Eliot Cowan.


Initial Assessment: $140

Treatments: $80 (sliding scale)